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Managed WordPress Security Services

WordPress Virtual offers 24/7 WordPress security services to shield and recover your website from hacks. Our in-house team maintains your website to fix security vulnerabilities and counter ongoing hacker attacks.

WordPress powers almost 43% of websites on the internet. Since it’s open source & free, many themes and plugins are available out there. With easy-to-understand architecture, web admins can easily customize and manage their sites.

However, this not-so-difficult architecture is a butter for hackers. That’s why WordPress websites are prone to security threats.

Partner with us to protect your customer data fully!

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WordPress Malware Removal Service

Do you suspect an unusual activity on your WordPress website? Have you experienced some non-English or spammy pages being created on your website and indexed in Google? Your website may be hacked and injected with malware.

No worries, we will help you clean malware from your WordPress website, determine the root cause, and apply preventions for future attacks.

Here is how it works:

  • Scan – We’ll scan your website to find the malicious codes and infected files.
  • Remove Malware – We take actions to remove infectious code from databases, themes, plugins, or core files.
  • Remove all Backdoor – After removing the malware, we also make sure the cause of the malware is permanently removed to avoid future threats.
  • De-index Malicious Pages – Malware may add pages to your website index in Google Search Console. We’ll make sure those pages are also removed from Google search results.

Experts in All Areas of WordPress.

WordPress Security Audit

Get a Free Consultation with our expert, who audits, guides, and suggests the best plan for you. It’s absolutely free!

WordPress Security Checklist

Our WordPress security services incorporate integrity checks, which play a crucial role in scrutinizing the installation by alerting you to unexpected corruption in previously sound files.


Change the default WordPress login URL to something anonymous.


Maintaining weekly & monthly backups of your website.


Protect theme and plugin files through various methods.


Consistent database optimization & security measures to avoid malwares.


Forcing the user to generate strong passwords during the registration time.


Continuous website monitoring for 24/7 protection against attacks.


Protect all WP directories, themes, plugins & common URLs from source code.


Make sure SSL certificate is running to add an additional security layer.


Limiting login attempts automatically save us from brute force attack a bit.


We have more than 7 techniques to prevent the DDos attack in 2024.


Further adds a verification layer to confirm if the user is real.


Site hacked? Don't worry, we're here to get it back to you in minimal time.


Continuous monitoring of inbound links is implemented to preemptively counteract attacks.

IP Tracking & Blocking

Monitor the IP resources that cause problem and implement measures to block them to use our resources.

Themes & Plugin Updates

Maintaining regular updates for themes and plugins enhances the overall security measures of your system.


Fake crawlers not only breach your data but harm your ranking. We permanently block them so you are safe.

Customer Reviews

Discover what our satisfied clients have to say about our top-notch WordPress services and exceptional agency support.
We are already a repeat customer of many years and will continue coming back. Have completed tens of jobs with Fayyaz. Great communication, delivers on time, follows instructions well, excellent quality of work overall.
Dale H.


I have had an excellent experience working with Muhammad. He is perhaps the most diligent, professional and knowledgeable entrepreneur I crossed paths with. Besides the work, he is also a kind and gentle human being, not spoiled by success and money. I absolutely, 100% recommend his services to anyone looking for a trustworthy partner.
Rene H.


I am thoroughly impressed with the great work done by WordPress Virtual! Their attention to detail is exceptional. Our website’s performance (https://getunblocked.com.au/) saw significant improvements. Highly recommended for their expertise and professionalism.
Tam S.


A true pleasure to work with WordPress Virtual! Highly recommended for their exceptional service and expertise. Their assistance significantly improved our website’s performance (https://www.evolvevaping.co.uk/). Efficient, reliable, and professional — the perfect choice for any online venture.
Saeed A.


I have worked with Fayazz for a number of years now and I can not tell you enough how awesome he is when it comes to websites, He is a guru! I can not recommend him more highly. He is honest, knowledgeable and fast! Trust me, you will not regret choosing his gigs. This man knows his stuff!!! If I could give 6 stars I would!!!
Tam Sparkes


This is my third project with Fayyaz and it’s a perfect match. Great web development for small biz, startups, and entrepreneurs. My favorite part is how he includes video tutorials so that I can add pages and edit the site on my own using his designs. Thank you again!


Flexible Pricing on
WordPress Security Service

Compare our best-seller WordPress security services plans or contact us for a detailed proposal or meeting. You can also send us an email at contact@wp-virtual.com

WordPress Protection

$50 / Per Month

WordPress Speed Optimization Package

*No Extra or hidden taxes

Popular Choice

Site Recovery + Maintenance

$100 / Per Month

WordPress Speed Optimization Package

*No Extra or hidden taxes

Have a Project in Mind?

Our team will answer questions, give suggestions, and provide you with a detailed action plan, pricing estimate, and project timeline.


Need some help with your order or got a burning question that you need answered? Just click on one of the sections below to find the answer or email us at contact@wp-virtual.com

We expect you to give us some details regarding the history of your website security states.


Credentials: We usually need a WordPress dashboard, hosting, and any third-party CDN involved.

Malware refers to harmful software created to damage or disrupt your website. This malicious software can manifest as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or spyware. Even with robust security protocols, WordPress sites remain susceptible to malware intrusions.

Depending on the severity, website size, and package you choose. We detox your website in less than 24 hours.

If the same hack or malware comes back in 30 days. We’ll remove it for FREE!

When you subscribe to a monthly retainer, we consistently monitor your website. Our system generates warnings and triggers potential security threats.


We also conduct manual security audits weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly, depending on your chosen package.

We maintain weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly backups depending on how frequently content updates on your website.


We manage cloud backups that are easily restorable.

WP security services usually don’t conflict with your website’s plugins, themes, or scripts.


These are additional efforts to make sure nothing is infecting your website resources. However, we ensure 100% data safety!

Our team will promptly respond to your request.


We guarantee that your issue will be addressed within 24 hours.

Yes, we work with agencies on NDA.

Simply reach us via email or contact form.


Our team will help you choose the best plan based on your requirements.


We’ll get started!

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