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5 Boro Laundry is a trusted laundry and dry cleaning service in New York, renowned for its affordability and reliability. With over 20 years of experience, they excel in garment care. Their state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated in-house staff, and a fleet of delivery vehicles ensure a fast and convenient cleaning process. They provide all the cleaning services like Dry Cleaning, Hotel Laundry & Linen Cleaning, Medical Laundry & Healthcare Linen Cleaning, Uniform and Apparel Laundry, Towel Rental and Towel Cleaning.


5 Boro Laundry faced some issues with their old website, so they decided to give it a makeover. They wanted to make it look better, improve how it’s organized, and make it easier for people to use. Their main goal was to create a good-looking website with over 25 responsive pages. The website was also struggling with speed and security issues. Here are some key points that needed to be addressed:


After completely examining the information and requirements provided by 5 Boro Laundry, we started work on the project. Here is what we did for 5 Boro Laundry:

Logo Design

The first step of the project was to design a new logo for 5 Boro Laundry. So we decided on the colour scheme and prepared a logo for the website. We created 6 mockups while keeping the industry trends in mind and selected the best one logo to represent the website.

WordPress Development

Recognizing WordPress’s exceptional flexibility and extensive plugin support, the WordPress Virtual team chose it as the cornerstone for development. With a keen eye for detail, our development experts skillfully transformed the old site into an attractive and fully functional website. We used the best theme and kept the number of plugins to low. The end result was a website that not only met but exceeded 5 Boro Laundry’s expectations. We did a deep research for website design before starting the work. We explored similar websites and kept eye on industry trends while redesigning the website.

Responsive Design

During the website redesign process, we were meticulous in ensuring that the website was equally responsive across all screen devices, including mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and wide screens. The implementation of responsive design was complemented by thorough testing, addressing potential challenges comprehensively. As a result, the website now delivers a consistently high-quality browsing experience, enhancing 5 Boro’s online presence and user satisfaction.

Speed Optimization

To achieve the desired level of speed and performance, we implemented a comprehensive set of best practices for speed optimization. One key aspect of our strategy involved addressing image optimization. We made sure to serve images that were appropriately scaled for different screen sizes, which not only reduced load times but also ensured a visually appealing and responsive website across various devices. Additionally, we adopted next-generation image formats, further improving load times and enhancing the overall website performance.
Before After

Website Security

Our security enhancements encompassed a range of strategies, including the implementation of CAPTCHA on forms to prevent automated spam submissions, setting stringent file permissions to control access to critical website files, concealing the website’s backend to obscure potential entry points, and deploying robust security firewalls to thwart unauthorised intrusion attempts. These security measures were systematically integrated to create a formidable defence, safeguarding the website’s integrity and user data.

Customer's Review

I had the pleasure of collaborating with WordPress Virtaual, and I must say, they exceeded all my expectations. The WordPress website redesign they delivered not only refreshed the look and feel of my site but also enhanced its functionality. It’s evident that they are true WordPress professionals who understand the importance of user-friendly design.

John J,



The collaboration between 5 Boro Laundry and WordPress Virtual has resulted in an impressive website redesign that exceeded expectations. The new website is up and running, providing users with easy access to all its features and functions. The user experience has been greatly improved, thanks to the attractive design and user-friendly layout.

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