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WordPress Website Redesign Tariq Juneja

October 16, 2023

Tariq Juneja, a London-based transformational coach, provides coaching and consulting services worldwide, helping individuals and organizations navigate challenges and achieve transformation. With a specialization in agile coaching and business transformation, Tariq empowers businesses by delivering customized solutions that enhance innovation, efficiency, and overall performance. To showcase his services comprehensively, he required a website to communicate his offerings effectively.


Tariq Juneja already had a website; however, the design was outdated and not user-friendly. The old website lacked specific features that were essential for his needs. Here are the challenges that the old website was facing:


After getting all the necessary information, we started work on the project. Here is what we did for Tariq Juneja Website:

Website Redesign

After gathering all the details, we redesigned the website using WordPress. We selected an easily readable font family and color scheme that aligned with the logo. The website was redesigned with a minimal yet professional design in accordance with Tariq Juneja’s requirements.

Lead Generation Tool configurations

We selected Mailchimp as the marketing and lead generation tool for the Tariq Juneja website. We implemented automation to deliver a PDF gift to new registrants as a token of appreciation for their successful sign-up.

Calendly Integration

We integrated Calendly on the website, enabling users to conveniently schedule appointments directly with Tariq Juneja.

Speed Optimization

To make the website faster and more efficient, we followed best practices for speed optimization. One important part of our strategy was optimizing images. We resized images to fit different screen sizes, making the website load faster and look better on various devices. We also used modern image formats to further improve loading times and overall website performance.
Before After

Website Security

We boosted security with several strategies: adding CAPTCHA to forms to stop spam, setting strict file permissions for key website files, hiding the website’s backend to make it harder for intruders, and using strong security firewalls to block unauthorized access. These measures worked together to create a strong defense, protecting the website and user data.

Customer's Review

I had the pleasure of collaborating with WordPress Virtaual, and I must say, they exceeded all my expectations. The WordPress website redesign they delivered not only refreshed the look and feel of my site but also enhanced its functionality. It’s evident that they are true WordPress professionals who understand the importance of user-friendly design.

Tariq J,



We successfully redesigned a website that received Tariq Juneja’s enthusiastic approval. We delivered on all our promises, and the website is now live and functioning smoothly. This redesign has yielded remarkable results for Tariq Juneja’s business. The newsletter campaign has generated a substantial number of leads, and affiliates have been contributing to profitable outcomes.

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