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WordPress Website Design Herbal Highs Australia

October 26, 2023

Herbal Highs Australia provides high-quality, plant-based products that enhance sensory experiences. They’re known for innovative blends, especially in male enhancement and mood-boosting products, and they even have a fun apparel line for a vibrant lifestyle.


Herbal Highs Australia required a sleek, modern e-commerce website with distinct features for selling to both wholesale and retail customers. Their primary goal was to establish a well-managed referral system, namely an affiliate system. The website was to be designed with a dark theme, and several key requirements needed to be met.


Once we had carefully reviewed the information and requirements presented by Herbal Highs Australia, we commenced work on the project.Here is what we did for Herbal Highs Australia:

Website Design From Scratch

After fully grasping the needs and requirements of the Herbal Highs team, we proceeded to develop a WordPress website. Given that this was an e-commerce site where speed was of utmost importance, the Astra theme proved to be the ideal choice. We utilized Elementor Pro as the page builder, which we found highly dynamic and effective. By integrating all these elements, we delivered a website that exceeded the expectations of the Herbal Highs team.

Ecommerce Features (Retail + Wholesale)


To ensure the core e-commerce functionality, we opted for WooCommerce due to its compatibility and extensive range of valuable extensions. Our primary objective was to segment the website into distinct sections for wholesale and retail customers. To achieve this, we implemented the Wholesale Suite plugin. Additionally, we employed creative solutions to categorize products with varying prices. Wholesale customers could view rates in kilograms, while retail customers saw the same products in grams. We established a rule that restricted non-wholesale customers from accessing wholesale products.


A user-friendly registration form was created for those interested in becoming wholesalers, and we retained the authority to approve or decline their requests. Upon approval, users were granted the wholesale customer role, enabling them to access wholesale prices and make purchases at the wholesale rates.


We  also integrated the payment gateways with woocommerce that Herbal highs suggested. We properly tested the payment gateways in test mode and then made them live. 



Affiliate Portal

We created an affiliate portal using the “Affilia Lite – Affiliate Program With MLM” plugin, along with its paid version for added features. This enabled users to refer others and earn commissions on successful purchases, essentially setting up a referral system. Affiliates had their own dashboard to track earnings, withdraw money, and manage referrals. They could also create unique affiliate links for products and share them with others.

Shipment Tracking

To handle order shipment tracking, the client recommended using “Ready to Ship” services, with Australia Post as their chosen service provider. We proceeded to install the Australia Post shipping plugin and seamlessly integrated it with the Ready to Ship account.

Speed Optimization

To make the website fast and responsive, we followed some important speed optimization steps. One of these steps was making images the right size for different screens, which not only made the website load faster but also look good on all devices. We also used advanced image formats to make things even quicker and improve the website’s overall performance.


To make the website even faster, we were careful with extra CSS codes and JavaScript scripts. We made sure to minimize them before using, which helped improve the website’s speed and performance.

Website Security

Here are the key security measures we implemented:
These security steps were carefully combined to create a robust defence, ensuring the safety of the website and user data.

Customer's Review

I had the pleasure of collaborating with WordPress Virtaual, and I must say, they exceeded all my expectations. The WordPress website redesign they delivered not only refreshed the look and feel of my site but also enhanced its functionality. It’s evident that they are true WordPress professionals who understand the importance of user-friendly design.

Sam J,



The collaboration between Herbal Highs Australia and WordPress Virtual has resulted in a website design that goes above and beyond expectations. We’ve delivered all the promised features, and the website is now live, offering users easy access to its functions. The user experience has been greatly enhanced, thanks to the attractive design and user-friendly layout.

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